reVision 2017


CBUC and St. Aidan’s have committed to a one year reVisioning and discernment process to figure out what our future relationship might be in regards to vision, ministry, etc. in this corner of the world. We will be working with a pilot project sponsored by EDGE of the National Church. Our two councils met together in May to hear about the specifics of the project, and met our new coach (Rev. Bruce McAndless-Davis) over a skype call and pledged to work together on this common goal for the fall and spring 2017/2018.

Part of the goal of this program is to involve 60-70% of the congregation in a process that links head, heart and soul together in this discernment process so that it is truly a shared vision that emerges. To that end, there will be small groups of about 10-12 people who will be meeting in various people’s homes, coffee shops, churches or even a pub to have conversations together with small group leaders from both congregations. Each group will be a mix of CBUC and St. Aidan’s folks. You are invited to sign-up for a small group by clicking here

Once you’ve signed up you will get a copy of the book Christianity for the Rest of Us by Dianna Butler Bass. You can begin reading this at any point. Starting in the middle of September you will get a daily email with a reflection question, pages of the book to read and a spiritual practice suggestion. It is the goal of this program to integrate spiritual practice, spirituality and the heart into the head process of discernment and listening to the way God’s Spirit is calling to us at this juncture of our lives together. Your assigned group will also meet about 6 or 7 times over the 12 week period culminating in a large congregational gathering (called a summit) on Nov 25. Mark that date on your calendars now!

Mark’s sermon on July 16th discussed reVision…to listen click here