Konnect 4

Here at Cadboro Bay United we strive to create an environment that respects the needs of konnect-4-imagechildren, honours their spiritual curiosity and engages them in heart, mind, body and spirit. Our programs use multiple learning modalities to actively engage children through certain faith stories. We use open ended questions that invite thoughtful engagement through drama and engage in creative stations. The individual stories that we will be discovering are focused around our yearly theme. 

Tots Konnect – Newborn – 3 years

Dates: Sunday Mornings
Times: 9:45am – 11:30am
Place: Nursery
Leadership: Kate Reeves

Tots Konnect together at CBUC on Sunday mornings after the children’s time is over during worship. Kate will be in the nursery to nurture, play, and have fun with children ages newborn – 3 years so their parents are able to enjoy the worship service.

Kids Konnect – 3 years to Grade 6

Date: Sunday Mornings
Place: Hall
Leadership: Jes Beckerley, Hannah Green & Maddy, Carr-Cannings

Here at CBUC we strive to create an environment that respects the needs of children, honours cid_4A6FB0A3 A435 4C8E AD1D F1F3A1A38F2A@gv_shawcabletheir spiritual curiosity and engages them in heart, mind, body and soul. Following a rotational model which allows children to experience the teachings of Jesus in coordination with the monthly theme. This learning environment fosters creativity and leads way for imagination no matter ones learning style. Children will gather in the hall together, explore a biblical story and then unpack the story using different methods to help with understanding. Depending on the number of children, we may stay together as one large group, or different age groups may break off so all levels of needs are engaged. 

Other programs that we offer for children:

Youth Konnect – Grades 6-12

Date: Sunday Mornings
Place: Youth Room
Leadership: Hannah Green & Maddy Carr-Cannings

Youth Konnect upstairs in our youth room with their youth leader on Sunday mornings after !cid_30352055-B69F-47E7-84F1-0A4C2762ECAC@gv_shawcablechildren’s time to explore, discover and connect with others. Paralleling the rotation theme used down in the Kids Konnect but with a contemporary twist. This environment respects youth’s needs and is aimed to connect youth through spiritual activities that allow for exploration through discussion and activities. All are welcome!

 We also offer programs outside of Sunday, of course, so check out these options too.


Young Adults Konnect – 18-29 years

Date: TBA
Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Leadership: Mark Green & Jes Beckerley

The purpose of the young adult group is to connect, learn together, and build community. No matter what church you go to or whether you’ve ever been to church – you are welcome! Gatherings happen after church on Sunday with a light lunch and discussion. The group will meet on Sept 18th to create how they want to be together.